Pine Script Coding Service

Do You Need A Script Written Or Customized?

Hi trader and prospective Pine Scripting client!

This page details the process for requesting Pine Script coding services from me.

I’m not a fan of “selling” myself so I’ll keep this pitch as short and concise as possible. If you’ve read any of the content on my website or watched my YouTube videos or used any of my scripts, then you should know by now that I’m not a snake oil salesman.

I’m a passionate trader who happens to also be proficient in coding, and that’s why I do what I do.

So, without further ado – here’s what you need to know if you want to work with me:

Initial Consultation Fee: $50 USD
Coding Fee: $3.97 USD per minute / $197 USD per hour

I charge a flat fee of $50 USD to begin working on your scripts. This shows me that you’re a serious client, and gives me incentive to begin working on your project and performing preliminary research.

After that preliminary research phase and consultation, once we’re both confident that I understand exactly what you need, I begin work on coding the script. If the time spent coding equates to less than an hour then I charge by the minute – otherwise I charge by the hour.

These days between trading my own accounts, developing and maintaining my own scripts, running my YouTube channel and blog, as well as providing coaching and education for Pine Coders and other traders, I don’t have a lot of time to work with clients regarding freelance coding work.

Therefore at the moment I only take on a maximum of 2 jobs at a time, I only work with clients I trust and who have a clear and concise idea of what they want, and I only take on jobs that I’m confident I can handle so as to not waste either of our valuable time.

If during the consultation and research phase I decide that what you require is outside my scope of skill or that I can’t perform the work for whatever reason (a rare occurrence), then I refund the $50 and there is no cost to you.

My Costs

The reason why I charge a premium over what you might get on Fiverr or some other freelance coding source is because:

  • I’ve spent 15+ years and thousands of dollars in courses & university costs acquiring the skill I have at coding
  • I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying and working with Pine & TradingView
  • I have a thorough understanding of trading, strategies, indicators and price action
  • My time is extremely valuable given what I make from trading & my premium indicators and courses
  • Therefore I don’t need the money – so I must charge a decent fee to be motivated to work on your scripts

What You Get

What you get in exchange for that fee is:

  • My obsessive-compulsive attention to detail equating to high quality workmanship
  • A fast turn-around time (I can typically get a a lot done in an hour)
  • Screen-capture footage of every minute spent working on the script
  • A guarantee that if you don’t like the final product, you don’t need to pay for it (but then you don’t get the source code either)
  • A legally-binding non-disclosure agreement if requested to protect your intellectual property

How It Works

How it works is:

  • Once you send me preliminary information on the job and I accept it
  • I will create a private unlisted Pine Script project that only you and I have access to
  • You can test the script as I develop it
  • Once you’re satisfied with the script, I send you an invoice
  • After receiving payment, I send you the source code and delete the project

What I Need From You

Before I can start work on your script I will require:

  • A detailed explanation of what you require including all rules, conditions & filters
  • Screenshots with examples & annotations are extremely helpful
  • Your time testing the script during development to confirm it’s working as requested
  • Your patience while I do what I need to do to get the job done properly

Request Consultation

If all of that sounds reasonable to you then feel free to reach out to me by filling out the form below:

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