Trading Video Library

Here is a list of various YouTube videos that I have found to be particularly interesting or helpful in my journey as a trader.

These videos cover subjects ranging from the basic technical skills of trading and investing to advanced trading psychology and behavioral science.

This page also contains some videos from my own YouTube Channel.

Zen & The Art of Trading

A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to TradingView:

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Code on TradingView:

How To Read Price Action

In this video I demonstrate how I perform my technical analysis to read price action as a story. If you’re new to trading then this is a must-watch.

How To Read Trend

In this video lesson I cover one of the most fundamental concepts in trading – how to read a market’s trend.

How To Use Top Down Analysis

This video covers the most important aspect of successful trading: risk management. The information here might surprise you.

How To Create Profitable Forex Strategies

In this video I explain the process behind creating rules-based systematic forex trading strategies and the steps you must take to ensure that the rules are profitable.

Trading Interviews

Wall Street Secrets to Becoming a Consistently Profitable Trader

A fantastic interview between Jason Graystone and Mike Bellafiore from SMB Capital. Mike is a trading rockstar and he shares great insights into the business.

Strategies Die, Skills Survive

CWT interview with Australian bond trader and fund manager Jack Ma. Very interesting insights into the business and what it takes to be successful.

Clawing Back a Six-Figure Loss

CWT interview with Australian futures prop trader Anthony Riley. He goes into detail about his trading experiences and his six-figure drawdown.

10 Secrets To Achieve Financial Success

Anton Kreil provides 10 key messages that, if followed and implemented properly over time, will help anybody achieve financial success.

Anton Interviews Ross Williams

Anton Kreil interviews Trading Mentor Ross Williams to learn about his career in the financial markets and his experiences as a trader and mentor.

Jack Schwager On Market Wizards

Matthias Knab interviews Jack Schwager, author of the famous Market Wizards series. He asks him what he learned from studying these market legends.

The Truth About Forex Trading!
(Interview Jason Graystone)

A great interview between Ryan Scribner and Jason Graystone about the reality of trading and what it really takes to be successful.

Trading Veteran, John “Rambo” Moulton

John “Rambo” Moulton is a monster trading veteran and a bigger-than-life personality. This brilliant CWT interview gives us a glimpse into his mentality.

ASX Day Trader, Nick Fabrio

CWT interview with 7-figure Australian retail ASX day trader Nick Fabrio. Nick demonstrates what is possible if you dedicate yourself to the craft of trading.

Anton Interviews Raj Malhotra

Anton Kreil interviews Trading Mentor Raj Malhotra to learn about his career in the financial markets and his experiences as a trader and mentor.

Anton Interviews Chris Cathey

Anton Kreil interviews Trading Mentor Chris Cathey to learn about his career in the financial markets and his experiences as a trader and mentor.

Ray Dalio On His Principles

In this Bloomberg piece Ray Dalio is interviewed about his investment and life philosophy and offers insights into what it takes to be great.

Trading Documentaries

How Traders Exploit Cash Commodities

A groundbreaking documentary investigating those behind the global commodity markets: commodity traders, from the CBOT to Brazilian sugarcane fields.

America’s Internet Trading Boom

This documentary covers the late stages of the Internet Dot.Com bubble. Set in 1999, this is an important piece of stock market history.

Mind Over Money

A NOVA documentary discussing the impact of emotions on financial decisions. It takes a look into what motivates people to make financial decisions under pressure.

Million Dollar Traders

This reality TV show was based on the premise that in a very short period of time, Lex van Dam could teach a group of complete beginners how to trade.

Rogue Trader: The Movie

This is not a documentary but an old trading film. Based on Nick Leeson who went rogue. This is what can happen when you lose your head!

Nick Leeson and the Fall of the Barings Bank

This film documents the chaotic life of Nick Leeson, an infamous trader who went “rogue” and single-handedly ruined Barings Bank.

Wall Street Warriors

This reality TV series documents the lives of eight successful Wall Street professionals and their employees, featuring Mike and Steve from SMB Capital.

Quants – The Alchemists of Wall Street

This documentary focuses on the quants and algo programmers of the market world. A story about greed, fear and randomness from the insides of Wall Street.

Floored: Into The Pit

Into the Pit is a fascinating documentary about trading floors and trading chaos. But more importantly, it’s a window into raw capitalism.

Steve Cohen: To Catch A Trader

This documentary titled ‘To Catch A Trader’ features Steven Cohen and focuses on hedge funds, how they operate and the regulators who try and control them.

The Mind & Behavior

The Pareto Distribution

Jordan Peterson discusses the phenomenon known as the Pareto distribution in regards to creative output and our ability to perform.

Jordan Peterson in conversation with Iain McGilchrist

A conversation between Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Dr. Iain McGilchrist about how the brain interprets reality and what influences our thoughts and perceptions.

The Puzzle of Motivation

Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation, starting with a fact that scientists know but most managers don’t: traditional rewards aren’t as effective as we think.

How To Motivate Yourself

Dr. Jordan Peterson explores the fundamental drivers behind motivation. He explains how our emotions guide our progress towards our goals.

How To Have A Meaningful Life

Jordan Peterson discusses what gives life meaning, and the importance of respecting your responsibilities if you want to attain genuine happiness.

Who Are You Really?
The Puzzle of Personality

In this entertaining Ted talk, psychologist and behavioral scientist Dr. Brian Little goes into detail about what influences our decisions and personalities.

What Makes Us Feel Good About Our Work?

Dr. Dan Ariely discusses what motivates us to work. Contrary to conventional wisdom, it isn’t just money. But it’s not exactly joy either.

12 Rules For Life

Dr. Jordan Peterson outlines 12 principles that he believes people should respect if they want to live a healthy, meaningful and grounded life.

Best of The Trading Channel

How To Use TradingView

In this video Steven Hart breaks down how to use TradingView. He explains how to connect your broker and place trades through their charting platform.

How To Read Trend In Forex

In this video Steven explains his personal method for determining what price action he needs to see in order to determine whether a market is in trend or not.

The Fundamentals of Risk Management

Risk management is the key to successful trading in all markets. No trader can neglect it. Here, Steven explains the fundamentals of forex risk management.

How To Spot Key Levels In Forex

In this video Steven demonstrates how to read structure in forex markets. He shows how applying a consistent approach to analysis can give you an edge.

How To Trade Price Action Patterns

In this video Steven demonstrates how professional traders use risk:reward management to exploit recurring price action patterns for consistent profit.

How To Read Candlestick Charts

This video is for beginner traders. Steven explains the anatomy of a candlestick and what the various price action and candlestick patterns can mean.

2 Main Indicators For Forex Trading

In this video Steven demonstrates why the ATR and the RSI indicator are the most commonly used indicators for Forex trading – and how to use them properly.

How To Build A Rules-Based Strategy

In this video, Steven demonstrates how to develop a rules-based technical analysis strategy. If you are new to trading then you will find this extremely helpful.

How To Read Support & Resistance

In this video Steven explains how to spot support and resistance in forex markets. These zones are important particularly for swing traders and day traders.

How To Perform Technical Analysis

In this video Steven shows how he performs his top-down analysis in order to detect high-probability trading opportunities in the forex market.

Best of Tier-One Trading

How To Backtest Strategies

If you’re new to trading or never heard of backtesting before, then this is a video you must watch! Jason Graystone breaks down what trading is all about.

What To Do When A Trade Goes Against You

Trading is all about discipline. In this video, Akil Stokes demonstrates ways in which we can develop better discipline in our trading.

What Successful Traders Do To Get Better

Akil Stokes explains the process that successful traders must undergo in order to achieve success. He goes into detail about what steps you must take to improve.

Good And Bad Trading Educators

In this video, Jason Graystone breaks down what you should look for in a trading educator and how to avoid being scammed.

Best of Real Vision

Raoul Pal in Conversation with Grant Williams

Raoul Pal talks to fellow Real Vision co-founder Grant Williams about his journey of knowledge and learning throughout the first series of ‘Conversations with’.

Interview With Stanley F. Druckenmiller

Stanley Druckenmiller is a legend on Wall Street. He is a titan of investing and knows the industry inside and out. Get a glimpse into his mind in this interview.

Venezuela: State Of Disaster

This ground-breaking documentary captures the contrast between millions of starving Venezuelans and the government officials who continue to thrive.

In Conversation With Marc Cohodes

This emotional interview with infamous short seller and expert company analyst Marc Cohodes goes into great detail about the mental game of trading.

Five Common Mistakes Investors Make

Research and investment expert Michael Mauboussin discusses the five most common behavioral mistakes he sees investors make.

The Coming Retirement Crisis

In this hard-hitting Real Vision special, Raoul Pal presents the single most important financial topic of a generation — the Baby Boomer retirement crisis.

Marijuana Billions

Real Vision goes on a road trip across Canada to meet the entrepreneurs, activists and investors in the burgeoning marijuana business.

Last Updated: 11th November, 2022

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