TradingView Review: The Ultimate Trading Platform

The Ultimate TradingView Review

I’ve decided to create a comprehensive review and summary of what I personally consider to be the best trading platform for forex, crypto and stocks: TradingView.

There are very few tools we need in order to do our job as traders and technical analysts.

Other than education, the only things we really need to spend money on is computer equipment, software and price data (if you trade stocks).

If you are a forex or crypto trader then you almost don’t need to spend money on anything since most services are included by your broker or exchange.

But as a retail trader I would still recommend upgrading your charts – especially if you use old, out-dated and clunky desktop software.

MetaTrader is great - if you miss Windows 95
MetaTrader is great – if you miss Windows 95!

Improve Your Tools – Hone Your Edge

The most important tool that a trader needs is a good charting platform.

Whether you are a professional trader, a part-time trader or an aspiring trader – a good charting platform will enhance your edge in ways that would be impossible otherwise.

A good charting platform will be intuitive and easy to use. It will be clean, it will be fast, it will be reliable, and it will be powerful. A great charting platform will be all of that and more – it will be fun to use.

The biggest problem with deciding on what platform to use is that there is a lot of competition out there among charting platform providers.

From MetaTrader 4 and 5 to NinjaTrader to Interactive Brokers – there is a swathe of reputable charting platform companies out there trying to win your business.

It can be hard to know where to start. And unfortunately, reputable doesn’t always mean “quality”.

Well, today I am going to make the quest a lot easier for you.

I am going to introduce you to what is by far my favorite charting tool:


Introducing: TradingView

I have used this charting tool every single day for years, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

It stands above the rest in all areas of functionality.

I have TradingView monitors all over my house. Not just because I like to stay in the loop, but because the charts are genuinely beautiful and I enjoy having them around.

Once you try TradingView I can guarantee that you will not want to go back to using any other charting platform.

Welcome to the future of technical analysis – where charting is as easy, convenient and reliable as using anything else on the internet.

And the best news? You don’t need to pay a cent if you don’t want to!

What Is TradingView?

TradingView is a revolution in trading technology: a powerful and responsive HTML5 web application designed by traders, for traders.

Created by Stan Bokov and his team of extremely talented financial technology experts, they have hand-crafted this elegant trading tool with the primary focus of creating the cleanest user experience possible.

The interface has been designed with convenience and intuitive functionality at the forefront. It won’t take you very long to master the extensive set of tools TradingView offers.

If you’re interested in learning how to use the TradingView platform, then check out this comprehensive beginner guide I made which covers EVERYTHING you need to know to get started:

As a retail trader I promise you will not find another charting platform that is both as easy to use as TradingView, and as powerful as TradingView. And if you are a professional trader you still might prefer the convenience of their platform to your proprietary software.

TradingView are the undisputed kings of web charting and social trading.

Cutting Edge Tech in a Browser
Any device. Any OS. Anywhere.

TradingView is an advanced financial visualization platform with the ease of use of a modern website.

Whether you are looking at basic price charts or plotting complex spread symbols with overlayed strategy backtesting, we have the tools and data you need.

TradingView is the most active social network for traders and investors. Talk to millions of traders from all over the world, discuss trading ideas and place live orders.

Enjoy an unparalleled experience even from iPads or other devices, previously possible only with high end trading stations.

Great For Stocks, Forex & Crypto

I am passionate about trading and I am always exploring new ways to express my edge.

The best thing about TradingView is that it has something to offer for everyone. Whether you are a stock trader, a forex trader, a crypto trader or a combination of all three – TradingView is the only charting platform you need.

For stock traders and crypto traders there is the Volume Profile indicator which is exceptionally helpful for reading supply & demand zones in markets.

For forex traders there are a dozen different types of candlestick charts and literally thousands of indicators for analyzing price action.

Day traders, swing traders and end-of-day traders will all find something of value in TradingView. The developers really go above and beyond to try to cater to all types of traders and it shows in the bottom-line quality of their platform.

I use TradingView for all of my trading and investing decisions across all markets from forex to crypto to stocks. I’ve never felt the need to go anywhere else for my charting needs.

TradingView’s Features

Chart Types

  • Bar Charts
  • Candlesticks
  • Hollow Candles
  • Heikin Ashi
  • Line Charts
  • Area Charts
  • Baseline
  • Renko
  • Line Break
  • Kagi
  • Point & Figure
  • Range Bar Charts

Works on All Devices

Perform or view your analysis directly from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer running any operating system and web browser. All you need is an internet connection!

Custom Trading Alerts

Never miss a trade again! Create email, push-notification and SMS alerts based on all types of existing indicators, or use Pine Script to develop your own custom alert conditions for entries and exits.

Market Replay

Replay historical market data bar-by-bar. This feature alone is worth exploring TradingView. This tool is a must-have for backtesting strategies and practicing on historical data.

Multiple Charts

View up to 8 charts on the same screen using the Pro Plan. Easy click, drag and zoom interface on any market and any timeframe. Perfect for multiple-timeframe traders and active traders who need to monitor lots of markets.

Multiple Devices

Display your charts on multiple computers and devices at the same time (on the Pro Plan). Download the Android or iOS App for free. Keep tabs on the markets any time and place you need to.


The watchlist widget included in the TradingView platform has everything you need. You can store multiple watchlists of various kinds, flag certain symbols and color code them. Monitor your portfolio with ease.

50+ Drawing Tools

TradingView has everything you could ever need. Fibonacci, Advanced Patterns, Trendlines, Text and Symbols – you name it! All easily accessible with an intuitive toolbar interface.

Compare Symbols

Easily overlay other symbols across your price data. For example you can overlay BTCShorts and Longs over the BTCUSD price chart, or the NASDAQ index over your Apple chart. Great for gauging overall market sentiment at a glance.

Timeframe & Drawing Synchronization

Easily sync your technical analysis across multiple timeframes and charts. Or turn off synchronization and keep your analysis separate across multiple timeframes. You can sync your timeframe or symbol across multiple charts too.

Share Your Analysis

If you have trading friends or you are trying to build a trading reputation, you can publish your ideas publicly and share them with the trading community. Or save your own analysis privately for future reference.

View Others’ Analysis

TradingView has a lot of social features. You can see other traders’ technical analysis perspectives and ideas, follow traders and institutions you trust and watch over their shoulders as they break down the markets.

Find Trading Buddies

TradingView is also the Facebook of the trading community. They have an inbuilt social interface that is easy and fun to use. Speak to other traders over instant-messenger and chat rooms and discover new trading buddies. I’ve personally met many friendly and supportive traders through this platform.

Create Screenshots

Every trader needs to keep good records. Easily save your chart screenshots for journaling, printing and sharing with others with the click of a button.

8,000+ Indicators

Access every indicator you could ever possibly need. TradingView has more free indicators than any other platform of its caliber. And if you can’t find it, you can make it!

Custom Indicators

Create your own indicators and backtesting scripts in Pine Script – a lightweight but powerful scripting language created by the TradingView team. You can do practically anything except for automating your trade executions.

Cloud Functionality

Everything is automatically saved across all devices seamlessly. Never lose your analysis under any circumstances, and view your analysis anywhere you go simply by logging in to the TradingView website.

Free RealVision Shows

Get access to premium trading-related video content from RealVision (requires the TradingView Pro Plan). Includes videos on macroeconomics, investing and trading tactics, interviews and material on trading psychology.

Color Themes

Customize the color of anything and everything! This may not seem like an impressive feature, but when you see how many customization options you have with TradingView then you might change your mind!

Economic Calendar

See upcoming macro and stock data events in real-time, right on your chart. TradingView will create visual indicators to remind you of important data releases and even display the results when they come out.

Stock Screener

Every professional day trader utilizes technology in order to identify hot markets to trade. Set parameters you want to detect and let TradingView do the rest. Check out an example of it here.

Drawing Tools

  • Line Tool
  • Fibonacci Tools
  • Gann Tools
  • Pitchforks
  • Profit & Loss Tools
  • Advanced & Simple Patterns

  • Elliott Wave Tools
  • Shapes, Symbols & Icons
  • Text & Labels
  • Horizontal & Diagonal Rays
  • Brush & Drawing Tools
  • Parallel Channels
TradingView's Market Replay Feature for Backtesting
TradingView’s Market Replay Feature for Backtesting

Social Trading Features

TradingView has implemented many social features into their platform.

You can create a public profile, share your analysis with other traders or view theirs, comment on ideas and indicator scripts and even send traders instant chat messages like any other messaging service.

Many mentors and coaches would advise against copying trading decisions from other traders – especially retail traders, and especially ones you met on the internet. And this is wise advice.

The main benefit of TradingView’s social element is not finding trading signals, however it is great for finding trading buddies. Trading can be a lonely game. TradingView’s social features makes you feel part of a community.

I have met and befriended several traders through TradingView as a result of all the indicators I have published. They have become valuable allies in my journey towards achieving consistent profitability.

I am glad that they have incorporated this feature. As an independent retail trader I find it breathes life into the platform and makes me feel more like I’m part of a community of comrades rather than flying solo.

Pine Script Features

Pine Script is perhaps my favorite feature of TradingView.

It is TradingView’s proprietary scripting language for creating indicators for their platform. It is lightweight, easy to learn and even easier to use.

You can create email and SMS alerts for any condition you can think of with just a few lines of code.

For example, if you want to be notified as soon the 14-period RSI enters overbought or oversold territory – just put these 4 lines into your script box and apply it to your chart:

study("RSI Alert")
rsi = rsi(close, 14)
alertcondition(rsi < 30 or rsi > 70, title="RSI Alert!", message="RSI OB/OS")

Even if you are not a coder you should find this feature extremely useful. You can of course use other people’s scripts by finding them on the TradingView website and clicking to add them to your list.

You never need to touch a line of code if you don’t want to. You can also set alerts visually.

But if you are a coder or you are technically savvy, you can achieve quite a lot with very little work through Pine Script. I have a Pine Script Lessons section that I am constantly expanding and a very thorough Pine Script Mastery Course with 15+ hours of content.

If you want to know more about Pine Script then have a look through that. Alternatively, you can check out all the indicators I have created by clicking here.

TradingView Plans & Pricing

TradingView have a number of different pricing options for various types of traders.

Because the platform runs mostly as a cloud service they must charge a monthly fee for access to the more powerful features. The good news is that this fee is more than reasonable depending on your requirements.

Whether you are a brand new trader who is just starting out, an active retail trader who needs advanced features or a full-time elite professional – there is a pricing model to suit your needs.

You can view all of their pricing options and features by clicking here, but I’ll summarize them below:

Basic Plan

The basic plan is completely 100% free. You can use it for as long as you like without paying a cent.

The catch is that you must put up with occasional advertisements and a handful of limitations. If you are new to trading, on a tight equipment budget or just want to try it out first, then this plan is perfect for you.

Just sign up for a free account and you’re set to go. You don’t even need to create an account to get started, but if you want to take advantage of the cloud saving functionality and other key features you will need to create at least a free account.

You really have nothing to lose by trying it out for free. Try it. It’ll grow on you, I promise!

Main Advantages

  • Completely free
  • No strings attached

Main Limitations

  • Advertisements
  • No social network access
  • Only 1 chart per tab
  • Only 1 device at a time
  • Only 1 saved chart at a time
  • Only 1 alert at a time
  • Only 3 indicators per chart
  • Market replay is restricted to Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • No volume profile indicators
  • No access to trading shows

Pro Plan

Price: $14.95 USD

The Pro Plan is perfect for most retail traders. Pro Plan members have very few meaningful limitations for the average trader.

Pro members receive no advertisements and increase their charting capabilities. On the Pro Plan you also get access to the social network feature of TradingView as well as more charts, more layouts and more indicators.

If you are a serious trader who needs extra power out of your tools but you don’t need the whole buffet, then this plan is perfect and affordable.

Main Advantages

  • 5 saved charts (great for backtesting)
  • 10 alerts at a time
  • 5 indicators per chart
  • Market replay on all timeframes
  • Access to social network
  • Access to RealVision shows
  • Faster data flow
  • Volume Profile

Main Limitations

  • Only 2 charts per tab
  • Only 1 device at a time
  • No intraday Renko & Kagi charts
  • No range bar charts

Pro+ Plan

Price: $29.95 USD / month

The Pro+ Plan is for active traders and day traders. It unlocks the bulk of TradingView’s functionality and limitations.

You get all of the same features of the Pro Plan but also much more.

This plan is designed for extremely serious traders who need multiple chart layouts, multiple devices, access to intraday Renko or Kagi bars and additional indicator combinations.

Main Advantages

  • 4 charts per tab
  • 2 devices at the same time
  • 10 saved charts (great for backtesting)
  • 30 alerts at a time
  • 10 indicators per chart
  • Intraday Renko and Kagi charts
  • Range bar charts
  • Up to 9 indicators placed on other indicators
  • Access to data from extended trading hours

Main Limitations

  • Only 2 devices at a time
  • No website field in your TradingView profile

Premium Plan

Price: $59.95 USD / month

The Premium Plan offers complete access to the best of the best TradingView features.

This plan is intended for full-time retail and professional traders who trade multiple markets actively and require access to all the functionality of TradingView’s platform.

It comes with all the bells and whistles so to speak. Most traders will never need this plan, but for extreme traders and chart fiends it’s perfect.

I am personally subscribed to this plan and I love it.

Main Advantages

  • 8 charts per tab
  • 5 devices at a time
  • Unlimited saved charts
  • 25 indicators per chart
  • 24 indicators on other indicators
  • 200 alerts at a time with unlimited expiry
  • Allowed to advertise your website in your profile signature

Main Limitations

  • Expensive price

Upgrades & Discounts

The prices listed above are the flat rates for the basic month-to-month subscription. You can get much cheaper deals if you subscribe to annual payment options.

It’s worth mentioning that when you attempt to cancel your basic monthly auto-renewal, TradingView will often offer you an extremely discounted annual price (sometimes up to 50% off).

They also have lucrative discounts during popular holiday seasons, so being patient can pay off if you wait for a good deal.

So don’t feel pressured to upgrade your membership right away. Take your time, get used to the platform and upgrade your account when you feel ready.

Until then, experiment and enjoy the free version! You literally have nothing to lose. Except maybe your trading money – but that’s another story.

TradingView Support

TradingView have phenomenal tech support.
My Support Tickets Are Always Handled Quickly

TradingView’s support team are the most competent tech support team I’ve ever dealt with.

Brokers could learn a lot from these guys. I have never had a problem with them. Every issue I’ve ever encountered has been resolved quickly, politely and helpfully.

I’ve had issues ranging from trivial to serious, and they have all been treated with the same level of quality, efficiency and attention to detail.

TradingView FAQ

Click here to access the TradingView FAQ.

Why Choose TradingView?

TradingView is the leading edge of charting technology.

Its convenience, intuitive ease of use and power of functionality is unparalleled by their competition. TradingView have mastered the art of charting technology.

Granted, charting is subjective, and some people will disagree with me. Old school traders who are used to less “flashy” platforms will probably be deterred from TradingView by its sleek modern design.

Older platforms like MetaTrader also offer features like Expert Advisors and MQL which is far more advanced than Pine Script. If you are purely an automated trader then TradingView really doesn’t have a lot to offer you (yet).

But really, unless you are an automated trader then the reasons why you should choose to use TradingView over all the other charting platforms should be obvious. It’s the sleekest, most modern, most convenient, cheapest, easiest to use and most intuitively designed charting platform currently in existence.

Take the time to give their platform a try. It’s free to sign up and they even offer free trials for their Pro subscriptions with no strings attached, so there’s no reason not to see for yourself whether or not their service is right for you.

How To Use TradingView

Here is a short video created by my trading mentor Steven Hart on how to use TradingView.

He breaks down the basics of TradingView’s functionality such as how to connect your broker, calculate your risk and place live trades through the platform.


If you try it out and you don’t enjoy using TradingView then please shoot me a message telling me why and who you chose to go with instead! I’d genuinely love to know.

I am as objective with my tools as I am with my trades, and if someone else finds a better service out there than TradingView then I would love to give it a try!

Until then… you can find me on there.

Free Premium Charts!

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Stumbled on your page while I was looking for info on Pine Script. Thanks for the overview.

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Brian bolger
2 years ago

I am having issues trying to get my script alerts to be picked up by 3 commas. Is there tech support of any kind?

1 year ago

Great write up! I have been using TV for quite awhile.

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Donna Loveland
10 months ago

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