The 7 Best Forex Trading Podcasts For 2022

What Are The Best Forex Trading Podcasts?

If you’re anything like me then you’re obsessed with trading.

You can’t get enough of the best trading books, the best trading tools, the best trading interviews and documentaries and the best trading educators.

Well, I’m pleased to add another category of trading resources to your list, and that is: the best trading podcasts!

There aren’t many trading podcasts around (at least not many of exceptional quality), but I have happened across a few trading podcast sources that I listen to regularly and have found a lot of value from as a forex trader.

So without further ado, here is the list.

1. Chat With Traders

Number one is Chat With Traders by Aaron Fifield.

This podcast has rapidly grown to become arguably the most influential trading podcast on the planet. This is the modern-day equivalent of the Market Wizards series.

Instead of just reading about the experiences and exploits of famous and significantly successful traders, now we get to listen to the interviews directly with all the emotional and personal nuance.

Aaron has an eclectic variety of traders on the podcast ranging from high-frequency algo programmers to discretionary click-traders from both the retail and proprietary trading realms.

He has interviews with current and ex-bankers, Wolf of Wall Street style wild boys and ex-criminals such as Turney Duff and Michael Kimelman, brokers, trading psychologists such as Brett Steenbarger, hedge fund managers, prop firm founders, and world-class trading legends such as Steve Burns, Adam Grimes, Nick Radge, Mike Bellafiore, Jack Schwager, Peter Brandt, Blair Hull, John Moulton and Kevin Muir.

If you’re serious about understanding everything you can about trading the markets and you’re into podcasts, then this one is definitely for you.

2. The Trading Coach Podcast

Number two is The Trading Coach Podcast by Akil Stokes.

Akil is a full-time forex trader and trading coach who mentors new and struggling retail traders along the path to success in the markets.

He has experience trading and investing in stocks but his expertise lies in forex trading. The podcast is full of incredibly valuable insights into the business of trading and what it takes to be successful in the markets.

Akil uses YouTube as the outlet for his charting lessons and trading tips, but on his podcast he prefers to focus on the background elements of success not just in trading, but in life in general.

Perhaps the most valuable lessons that Akil shares on the podcast are not specific to trading at all. He speaks a lot about real estate and investment properties, how to go about starting your own trading business, and how to make more self-empowering decisions in your day-to-day life.

All of this compounds to contribute towards your long-term success as a trader.

Trading is not just about your ability to identify opportunities and execute on them consistently. The ultimate goal is developing your financial and personal freedom and maturity, which requires the cultivation of discipline and adaptable skills across all areas of your life.

Akil’s focus is on psychology, health and fitness, growth mindset, personal finance and all the many other important peripheral elements that go into your success as a trader beyond your technical skills at analysis.

This podcast will help give you a leg-up and a glimpse into the mindset and mentality that it takes to become not just a successful trader, but a successful entrepreneur.

3. Always Free Podcast

Then there is the brilliant Always Free Podcast by Jason Graystone.

This is a podcast created by Akil Stokes’ business partner, and it launched in 2019. Jason and Akil share many of the same principles and perspectives on financial independence and they both see trading as one of many vehicles to get there.

Like Akil, Jason is a huge fan of the growth mindset mentality. He is always encouraging his listeners and followers to make decisions that will result in their long-term success rather than their short-term gratification.

This podcast actually has very little to do with trading itself (Jason has a YouTube channel for that), but similar to the Trading Coach Podcast, it is designed to equip you with all of the skills necessary in order to turn your talent at trading into a long-term business.

Thinking about trading as a business is a great idea, but most traders don’t know what that actually means.

In this podcast Jason sheds light on the specific strategies and systems he used in order to claw his way out of a typical middle-class rut and become truly free and financially independent through multiple means – including trading.

The best thing about Jason is not only does he talk the talk, but he walks the walk too. That is rare in the financial world. He strives to embody all of the values he advocates for in this podcast. And he’s a great trader.

If you want to emulate his success and become not just a great trader, but a great business person and entrepreneur and grow significant net worth over the long term, then Jason’s podcast will help shine some light on what it takes to get there.

4. A Trader’s Life

A Trader’s Life is the podcast cousin of Chat With Traders.

It’s a relatively new podcast hosted by Nicholas Penrake, a trader from the U.K.

Nicholas has been publishing interview recordings in podcast format since September of 2020, and as of writing this there are 20+ episodes packed with interesting insights and wisdom from traders who have gone where we all aspire to go.

Before I committed to becoming a full-time trader I read the book Market Wizards by Jack Schwagger. It changed my life forever.

Reading first-hand accounts from successful traders had a huge effect on me. It introduced me to the core concepts behind successful trading, all of which excited me.

It showed me that many traders out there are successful not because they have a “Holy Grail” secret strategy, but because they found an approach to trading that suited their personality, strengths and weaknesses.

It was educational, inspirational and motivational.

It made success in trading seem achievable for an everyday guy like me, not some outrageous pipe dream only for the elite and the suits on Wall Street. It helped guide my focus as a developing trader on the things that truly made a difference and moved the needle towards my eventual profitability.

Well, imagine if instead of reading interviews with battle-hardened successful traders who have stood the test of time in the markets, you got to listen to conversations between them and someone who knows all the right questions to ask to get the most valuable information out of them?

Welcome to the world of trading interview podcasts.

If you like Chat With Traders (which you do – because if you don’t then you wouldn’t be a trader) – then you’re going to love A Trader’s Life too.

5. TradingWithRayner Show

Rayner Teo is a professional trader from Singapore.

He was a prop trader for many years before going out on his own as a lone wolf solo trader, he has one of the most visited trading blogs on the internet, he has written several trading books and runs a YouTube channel with nearly 1 million subscribers.

When I was a developing trader I learned a wealth of valuable information from Rayner’s YouTube channel. His preferred style of trading is classic trend-following with a modern bent, and he is very proficient in his chosen approach.

He trades longer timeframes than most traders you’ll come across on the internet – utilizing mostly 4-hour, 8-hour and Daily charts, sometimes even weekly or monthly charts – and he’s good at it.

In this podcast he shares various pieces of wisdom and experience that he has learned from his journey as a trader – and he shares them often.

Episodes are short but frequent, and if you’re a developing trader (or a trend-follower), then you’ll find a wealth of valuable information in them.

6. FREEDOM Accelerator

Last but certainly not least, we have a brand new podcast launched by Jason Stapleton in 2020.

As of writing this there are only 3 episodes, but I can already tell that this podcast is going to become a goldmine of valuable information for money-makers and entrepreneurs of all styles.

In this podcast Jason specifically focuses on giving advice and tips regarding the world of business and wealth accumulation. It’s basically the same as Wealth, Power & Influence but without any of the political focus.

This podcast is specifically designed to help you achieve financial independence, and as traders that is the holy grail we all seek. Give it a try, I promise you will not be disappointed.

7. Wealth, Power & Influence

Then there is my honorable mention: the brilliant Wealth, Power & Influence by Jason Stapleton.

This podcast is actually not really about trading at all.

But given what Jason talks about (hardcore entrepreneurship and how to create a personal brand and market yourself properly in the modern world), I still feel it belongs on this list as most of his content is relevant to anyone who is trying to become financially independent.

Plus, if you still aren’t convinced, Jason happens to be Akil Stokes’ trading mentor and taught Akil much of what he knows. Akil began his career as a trading coach at Trade Empowered, which was Jason Stapleton’s forex trading education company that he founded soon after the 2008 financial crisis and saw massive success.

Trade Empowered has since faded away into obscurity after Jason left the world of forex trading to pursue even higher financial independence goals (yes – believe it or not, mastering trading is still not the pinnacle of financial success), and Akil and Jason Graystone went off on their own to begin Tier 1 Trading.

Now Jason Stapleton is a business coach and mentor who helps dedicated and talented entrepreneurs take their business and personal brand to the next level. He’s very strongly opinionated about a lot of controversial topics, but if you listen to him with an open mind particularly when he talks about personal financial freedom, I think you will find what he has to say not only interesting but extremely encouraging and inspirational.

He also occasionally gives his opinions on the market which are always valuable and the reason why I added this to the list despite it not being an overtly trading-related podcast.

I consider this podcast one of my main sources for the “fundamentals” to the world at large and what important developments are happening behind the scenes of capitalism in general, and especially in American society and politics.

A lot of what Jason says is centered around image and social media marketing and things like that, which may not be very relevant to the average trader, but for those traders and people who want to financially enlighten themselves and have no idea what it sounds like to hear a real winner talk – give Jason’s podcast a try.

I think you will be impressed by much of what he has to say. Plus it will help you to stay in the loop regarding current macroeconomic events while maintaining a degree of objectivity and rationality – something mainstream media outlets are incapable of.

Getting rich is your moral obligation!

Jason Stapleton

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Nicholas Penrake
2 years ago

Hey, thanks for the warm review of A Trader’s Life. Much appreciated.

Jared Edwards
Jared Edwards
1 year ago

I personally love Chat with Traders and have listened to over 100 of Aaron’s podcasts. I’ve recently stumbled upon a team of two guys named Hugh and Walter who do a podcast called the Think Profit Podcast. I recommend a listen as I have listened to every single one and learned many, many new things. They specifically talk about psychology when it comes to trading. Their link is