Aggressive Pullback Indicator

This is a trading tool that I use every single day in conjunction with my ATR Stop Loss indicator.

I actually use an enhanced personalized version of this indicator to place live trades on a daily basis. This is an older prototype version of my private version. I may someday sell my personal script, but for now, this one is adequate for most pullback trader’s requirements.

This is an extremely powerful strategy when used with the right rules. I will not divulge my trading strategy rules here as they are too long and too valuable to share for free.

But if you are an experienced trader who has traded rules-based systematic trading strategies before then I have no doubt that you will be able to come up with profitable rules to trade these signals.

How It Works

I will detail the basics as best I can, but if you want to learn the specific rules that I personally use with this indicator then you can sign up to my mentor Steven Hart’s EAP training program at

When price is above the 50-EMA (Exponential Moving Average), the script begins looking for Long signals. When price is below the 50-EMA, the script begins looking for Short signals.

The trading signals are generated by engulfing candles.

For Long trades price must be above the 50-EMA then pull back at least 2 candles before putting in a bullish engulfing candle.

For Short trades price must be below the 50-EMA then pull back at least 2 candles before putting in a bearish engulfing candle.

The Stop Loss is set as 1ATR above/below swing high/lows (from the candle close). The Take Profit is 1ATR above/below the entry price (by default).

Some of these settings can be adjusted if you want to test variations of these parameters.


EMA Length:
You can adjust the length of the Exponential Moving Average with this setting.

Stop Distance (ATR):
This value is treated as an ATR multiplier.

Reward To Risk Ratio (Stop Loss x ?):
This setting will determine your profit-target distance. It is calculated based on your stop loss, so if you have a 20 pip stop loss and this is set to 3, then your take profit price will be drawn 60 pips above your entry candle.

Source Code

Last Updated: 8th May, 2019

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